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At WS ICT we Help you Build a Strong Digital Presence

About Us

A team of experts highly motivated by challenges. Your challenges.

We empower businesses through technology

Our mission At WSICT, we put client relationships first. We build software solutions that help clients transform their business by unleashing hidden potential with technology.

Our core values We center our culture around empowering our clients.
By applying these four principles to work we are able to contribute to client success and stay ourselves.

  • Get things done
  • Own the outcome
  • Learn deeply
  • Stay positive

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Our Services

At WS ICT we are your digital partner, anything you need in the world of digitalization. Please email us with your challenge and we will be happy to provide the solution

Online Marketing

We have contracts with 100s of Afghan influencers and we are specialized in digital marketing, we are here to take your business to the next level

Web/Software Development

We have an excellent team of web developers with years of experience, we will not only develop your website/app, we can help write text and capture images for it too

Call Center

Customers today leverage new channels of communication and want to interact with the businesses, the way they interact in everyday life.


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Karte 4, Oruj Business Center, Kabul Af




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Mon-Sat: 8AM - 8PM

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